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Spotlight on Tech in the City
Monday 26th November, 8am-3pm
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Spotlight Financial Marketing, a full–service marketing communications firm focused exclusively on the financial services and technology sector, both across the UK and US, will bring together the best of financial services and technology, for a day event held at Hogan Lovells LLP London offices on the 26th November.

The event focus will be on financial services and enabling technologies, with broader coverage across emerging technologies in payments, fund technology, regulation and fintech sector performance.

The event will therefore serve significant interest for those currently serving, in one form or another, the financial markets.


Asset Managers, hedge Funds, fintech companies, journalists, VC’s, services providers and financial services stakeholders.

Event Structure

The event flow will be a mixture of panel sessions, presentations, networking breaks and Q&A. We encourage the audience to take part in the panel session Q&A.

Event Schedule

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Spotlight on...

1. FinTech

The “FinTech” scene is currently a sector under watch, and area clearly we are seeing a lot of things happening in with the banks. With the banks opening up their wallets a little bit more, notable investments in the sector and recent transactions, it may be that we are seeing a drive towards a better time for companies in the FinTech space.

Presentation: Fintech sector performance overview
Philip Shepherd, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

The presentation will give an overview on the rise in M&A activity in Fin Tech arising from regulation and increasing IT spend from banks.

PANEL SESSION: “How is fintech evolving as a sector to support rapidly changing demands?”

Talking points:

1. Technology with a Purpose: has integration of risk and return technology, by investment service providers, addressed asset managers and asset owners’ growing need for more detailed portfolio analytics, process transparency, and risk management?

2. Using Technology to Adapt to the New Regulatory Environment: Technology has been at the forefront in enabling the exponential growth in electronic trading, but has it become the only solution to effectively meet the challenges inherent in new trading regulations?

3. Technological Race?: Have technology solutions met today’s leading global asset management challenges, including market crowding, pricing inefficiencies, risk and rebalancing?

Chair: Conor Ward, Partner at Hogan Lovells

Panel Members:
Nick Hungerford, CEO at Nutmeg
Dinis Guarda CEO at Timizzer
Frederic Ponzo, Managing Partner at Greyspark Partners
Stuart Chapman, Partner, DFJ Esprit LLP

2. Payments Technology

This section of the event will give in-depth knowledge and insight which attendees can leverage for their business in the fast-evolving world of payments. Representatives from key players in the payment processing world will help the audience understand what you need to know.

Presentation: Exploding Payments Sector ? An Overview
Mike Rolph, Anthemis Group

The presentation will showcase the latest developments and services and products in such areas as: contactless cards; SEPA, payment security, online payments, and the future of cash and cheques and social payments.

PANEL SESSION: “New finance, an emerging and effective business model”

With the on-going media onslaught on banks, attention is being drawn across how these banks actually function. In particular when it comes to processing international payments, we are seeing more transparent and effective payment methods pioneered by a wave of ‘New Finance’ companies. The panel will provide insight on how these innovative new companies are undermining the traditional banking sector.

Chair: Michael Rolph, Director at Anthemis Group

Panel Members:
Nasir Zubairi,The Currency Cloud
Eddie George, New London Finance
Taavet Hinrikus, Transferwise

3. Hedge Fund Management-  operations & enabling technologies

  Hedge Fund regulation is a ubiquitous conversation point in all discussions around hedge fund operations. The section of the event will provide an educational conference devoted to the hedge fund regulation, its relevance and what it means for your fund. The session will provide hedge funds and investment firms with the knowledge and tools they need to operate their fund.

  This section of the event will cover four essential aspects of hedge fund regulation - from making the business, regulatory and financial case for engaging with regulators to hosting applications and protecting data in the cloud.

  Target Audience: Asset Managers, regulatory practitioners, Hedge Fund CTO’s & asset management technology sector professionals.

  Presentation Topic: Technology outsourcing for Hedge Funds

  The presentation will cover technology outsourcing for Hedge Funds. The presentation will identify the key considerations and business implications of technology outsourcing for hedge funds, and alternative investment firms.

  Presenter: Nigel Someck, Director at ProHedge

PANEL SESSION: “Hedge Funds & the Cloud-considerations, opportunities and implications for utilising the cloud”.

Hedge fund technology heads and leading technology experts will discuss security, applications and the financials of cloud computing.

  • Making the Business (and Financial) Case for the Cloud
  • The Changing Role of the Hedge Fund CTO in the Cloud Era
  • Hosting Your Applications in the Cloud: What You Need to Know
  • Practicing Safe Security in the Cloud

    Chair: Phillip Chappel, Executive Director at KB Associates

    Panel members:
    Nigel Kneafsey, CEO Options Technology
    Andrew White, Founder & CEO of FundApps
    Suthan Jananayagam, Partner at Point Nine
    Graham Jarvis, Banking Technology

    Closing Remarks